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I love doing this for you guys, I hope you have been enjoying the series on having more self-discipline and increasing your ability to achieve results by increasing your willpower.   Now I hope you’ve been following our series, we’ve done three of these videos so far in our series of five videos on how to improve your willpower and how to get more done.  Today I want to talk to you about a very, very interesting concept.  I read a book a while back by a guy called Tom Ferris.  You may have heard of Tim Ferris who wrote a book called The Four Hour Work Week.  Have you seen it?  It’s brilliant.  He wrote a book recently called The Tools of Titans, and what this guy does he interviews world class experts in their field.  Olympic athletes, people that’s created, you know, billions of dollars, etc.  He interviews these people on a weekly podcast.    And what he did was he asked these people what are the tools that you use to produce the best result humanly possible?  Now I’m talking about world experts in everything, right, and what he did is he also responded to some of the questions that his huge e-mail subscriber list asked him all the time.  And someone asked him and said Tim, if you were to do only one thing to help a person to lose weight long term, keep it off, if you could do only one thing, if you could make one change, what would you do?

31 March 2017

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If you need to our series we’ve done two blogs so far on the issue of increasing your levels of self-discipline and willpower.  And in our first video we kind of tried to answer the question is it possible to get more willpower?  The answer is yes.  We deducted that it often comes down to strategy more so than being born with willpower and self-discipline.  In last week’s video we spoke about a key difference in mindset the difference, the between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, if you haven’t watched those the videos I strongly suggest you go and watch them because they contain some really key distinctions regarding self-discipline and willpower.  Today what I want to talk to you about is one of the mental strategies that people that are really good willpower, you know some people, they just seem to be good with willpower.

24 March 2017

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Last week we started speaking about the science of self-discipline.  How do you get more of it?  Right?  And is it possible to get more of it?  And as a quick little recap, I told you about a little story of a book called Switch that said that there’s really three elements to lasting change.  The first is your mind, the second is your emotions, the third is your environment.

If you didn’t watch this video, I strongly suggest you go back, it’s really short, because then this the rest of the series will make sense to you.  So one of the key things that these researchers found when they study the children in the marshmallow experiment that I spoke about last week, is they found that some of these kids who were able to resist temptation actually didn’t necessarily have greater self-discipline, they had different strategies for dealing with temptation.

17 March 2017

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Have you ever wished that you had more self-discipline, have you ever kind of fantasised that if you had this ironclad willpower that you’d be able to achieve so much more in life and in business.  Well the real question we should be asking ourself is how important is willpower and how important is self-discipline really.  In the next five videos I’m doing a series of… I guess information titbits on how to improve and strengthen your willpower on how to achieve more faster

10 March 2017

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So I’ve been doing a whole series on what entrepreneurs should focus on and what makes you more productive and I really hope that you’ve been watching the videos if you haven’t go back watch them I think they’re all good but I’m biased of course I would right.  So last week I spoke to you about the importance of why you absolutely must embrace technology you know I made a point where we no longer have the option to say I’m no good with technology you know you have to get with the times you know watch that video if you haven’t watched it yet.  So this…in this video I want to talk to you about 2017 I want to talk to you about the year ahead you know again I’m going take that Sooth Sayer cap.

28 February 2017

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I’m going to talk to you about a really really important subject which is the importance of embracing technology.  Now last week I spoke to you about what you should delegate as an entrepreneur and what you should kind of keep on top of yourself and one of the five areas that I suggested that you personally take care of is innovation.  And this is so important you know. We live in a world that’s so fast changing. We live in a world that’s constantly evolving and I find that the vast majority of small business owners are further behind than what they realise.

22 February 2017

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Last week I spoke about a really powerful principle called Three to Thrive and if you haven’t watched that video yet I’m really going to encourage you to go back and go and watch it because I share in that video one of the most powerful productivity principals I’ve ever come across.  Now to add to that, entrepreneurs approach me all the time and they call me on a paradox. One of the skills I teach is Facebook marketing and entrepreneurs approach me all the time and say Niel, hold on a minute. On the one hand you teaching me to delegate all the things that don’t fit into my three circles, yet you’re teaching me new skills that seem very operational, they seem very tactical. How do you reconcile the two?

16 February 2017

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I hope that you watched last week on the difference between being a builder and an architect because in that video I spoke about a really important distinction for small business owners, even medium sized and large business owners which is to really become the strategists in the business and to leave your team to being the builders.  In this series we are going to talk about a variety of different product activity principles and business principles that can help you to raise your business to stratospheric new heights.  It’s good to be with you today and today I’m going to talk to you about a really cool concept called Three to Thrive.  Many many years ago I attended a Tony Robbins conference in Hawaii and he spoke about the importance of focus when it comes to time management, when it comes to productivity and when it comes to most things in life.

8 February 2017

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So over the past four weeks since the beginning of 2017 I’ve shared with you a whole bunch of ideas regarding personal achievement, personal success, goal setting and we’re now going to change the focus slightly to entrepreneurial achievement. The vast majority of people watching this video will be small business owners or will aspire to be in small business owners.

Now the world that we live in is so complex and it’s so fast and there’s a huge amount for small business to focus on and I believe one of the biggest problems that small business owners have is knowing what to do every single day because there are just a million things to do and we are so distracted as a society.

31 January 2017

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In the last couple of episodes we’ve been talking about some distinctions regarding goal achievement and I guess achievement overall.  And today I want to share with you a really, really important distinction that’s recently been made regarding goal achievement.

Have you ever wondered why some people tend to set these goals, make progress and then tend to stop?  And then, a year later set the same goals again, makes some progress and then stop again and then eventually never start again.

23 January 2017

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Welcome back to another episode of our weekly vlog.  If you tuned in last week you would’ve seen that I did a video on the power of mission.  And this week I want to build on the topic and I want to talk to you about the power of transcendence.  Now some of you might be thinking transcendence means some kind of this weird spiritual practice.  Don’t worry it’s not.

Transcendence is one of my favourite words at the moment.

18 January 2017

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Welcome to episode two of our brand new vlog. In 2016, we suffered the loss of an international global treasure, Mohammed Allie.  And it’s interesting because so many people who didn’t even know anything about boxing mourned the death of Mohammed Allie.  Why was this man so incredibly well known and why was he so inspiring.  He was inspiring for the same reason that Steve Jobs was inspiring.

9 January 2017

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Welcome to 2017 promising to be and incredible year.  Listen as you can see I’m super excited and I’m incredibly stoked.  And the reason for that is because today is day one.  Today is day one in our business and so many fronts.  Today is the first day that we are launching our brand new website that you are busy looking at right now, nielmalanlive.com.

1 January 2017

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